Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes care of curbs?
Curbs are considered part of the street and a portion of the right-of-way. The city is responsible for curb maintenance. Curb styles include roll-back, square-back or there may be no curbs at all.
So who takes care of sidewalks?
The property owner has responsibility to maintain a safe sidewalk adjacent to their property. The sidewalk is to remain at the established grade, be in good working order and be free of ice, snow, earth, obstructions, etc. Property owners are responsible for any sidewalk repairs and a permit for repairs is required.
What is a Right-of-Way?
Right-of-Way (ROW) is the city-owned strip of land from the edge of the street back about 3 to 10 feet. Its purpose is to allow the city to build and maintain the street, curb and gutter, storm sewers and possibly underground utilities. This land is the responsibility of the landowner but the city has the right to determine what takes place there. A right-of-way may include curbs, sidewalks and utilities. Since the depth of a ROW varies from location to location, a survey needs to be conducted or property records reviewed to determine the exact dimension of any given right-of-way.
Who is responsible for sight obstructions?
Landscaping is the responsibility of the property owner. Landowners need to ensure that trees, bushes and other landscaping do not interfere with a driver's safe view of the streets. Violating this code may result in a fine.
What is a utility easement?
Utility easements are areas where a utility (i.e., gas, electric) has permission to enter a property to mark or maintain utility lines. A utility easement may or may not be in the right-of-way. Contact individual utilities for more information.
Who helps keep our city clean?
To prevent accidents or further accumulation, Public Works picks up trash and litter dumped illegally on right-of-ways, trails, parks and streets.   It is every resident's responsibility to help keep our city tidy and presentable. If you catch someone dumping illegally, please contact Public Safety.