Support Services

Criminal Investigations UnitWG3-1

The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) consists of three detectives and is supervised by a detective sergeant. Criminal Investigations Unit provides support assistance to the Patrol Division by assuming investigative responsibility involving crimes occurring within the City of Riverside.  The goal of the Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) is to provide high quality criminal investigative support to the Riverside Police Department by conducting thorough criminal investigations using advanced investigative techniques, and through an efficient use of resources.

CIU detectives recognize their responsibilities to the community they serve and are committed to investigating all criminal allegations in an ethical and impartial manner with sensitivity toward the needs of victims and witnesses.

Specific functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Investigate crimes until all leads have been exhausted
  • Perform crime suppression operations to include serving search warrants
  • Collect, analyze, and disseminate criminal intelligence
  • Liaison with other local, state, and Federal investigative agencies/units
  • Liaison with the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office
  • Conduct pre-employment background investigations
  • Conduct missing persons investigations
  • Conduct internal affairs investigations

Crime Scene Unit


The CSI unit consists of personnel trained in collecting and analyzing evidence gathered from crime scenes.  Crime scene investigators (CSI) utilize scientific and technical methods to process scenes and evidence; to include documenting scenes by notes, sketches, and photographs. Processing also includes fingerprinting, trace analysis, collecting DNA, or specialized photography.  CSI includes both sworn police personnel and civilian personnel.  



The Riverside Police Department provides comprehensive law enforcement services to a suburban community located northwest of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Communications Unit provides 911 call taking and dispatching service for both the fire and police departments for the City of Riverside and Northmoor Missouri.

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The unit dispatches approximately 10,000 police related calls for service annually and answers more than 4,800 emergency 911 calls.
The communications unit is the first step in receiving police, fire and EMS services.   

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School Resource Officer
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The School Resource Officer Program is a partnership between the City of Riverside and Park Hill South High School.  The purpose of the partnership is to promote a safe-school environment for students, school employees and visitors.  Functions of a school resource officer include, but are not limited to, criminal investigations, crisis planning, safety audits, law education and positive behavior support. 

The school resource officer is permanently assigned to Park Hill South High School during the academic year and supplements patrol functions when school is not in session. 

To contact the school resource officer, he can be reached at 816-359-6329 or via e-mail at

Property and Evidence
The property room for the City of Riverside receives approximately 1200-1500 pieces of property and evidence each year.  Officers recover property and evidence from various locales (traffic stops, crime scenes) and submit it to the property room.  Care and custody is maintained within the property room until such time as a judge determines it is no longer needed for case purposes. 


Recovered/found property (property not being held as evidence in a case) or property held for safekeeping is held for 30 days after which it is disposed of according to the police department’s current policies and best practices.  If possible, recovered/found property will be photographed and advertised on the city’s webpage for owner recovery.   In order to recover property, an owner will need to contact the property room via the police department and make arrangements or you can email