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Whether you are a POST-certified Police Officer or new to the profession, the future is bright in Riverside.  No academy?  No Problem!  Pending the application process, the Riverside Police Department will sponsor you to attend the Kansas City (MO) Police Department's Regional Police Academy (which we pay you 100% of the current base salary while you attend) to provide you with the best knowledge and skills before you hit the ground running.

The Riverside Police Department's new starting salary for police officers is $65,000.00 per year topping out at $92,574.00 and is one of the highest starting salaries in the Kansas City Metro area!  Are you attending the academy now? Riverside will reimburse you up to $5,500.00 for academy tuition.  We will also pay $3,000.00 towards moving expenses if you live further than 75 miles from Riverside and relocate within 25 miles of the city. 

The City of Riverside is up funding our police department to continue providing excellent police services to our ever-growing community. Give us a call or schedule a ride along and see why you should call Riverside home.

We are currently accepting applications for full-time Police Officers (recruits and lateral transfers).

Testing dates are scheduled as needed.  

Below are the current salary breakdowns for the Police Department: LAGERS L-6 RETIREMENT IS FULLY PAID BY THE CITY

Rank                                     Starting       Top           

Police Officer       PD1 - $65,000    $92,574                                       

Corporal                 PD2 - $75,000    $100,685 

Sergeant                 PD4 - $85,000    $114,110

Shift Differential:

For hours worked between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., members will receive an additional seventy-five cents ($0.75) per hour shift differential premium.


We are pleased to offer an attractive benefits package designed to protect the well-being and financial health of our employees. Our goal is to support the health and wellness of our employees while offering affordable and comprehensive care.  

    • Health Insurance - 100% covered by City for Employee Only coverage
    • Life Insurance ($50,000) - 100% covered by City for Employee Only coverage
    • Dental Insurance - partially covered by City
    • Vision Insurance - partially covered by City
    • Short-term Disability - 100% covered by City for Employee Only coverage
    • Long-term Disability - 75% covered by City for Employee Only coverage
    • Voluntary Supplemental Policies - Accident, Critical Illness, Life Insurance
    • Own the NightHSA - City contribution of $2,400.00/yr
  • FSA - Medical, Dependent, & Limited
  • LAGERS Retirement - 100% covered by City (LAGERS L-6) 
  • Investments - 457b & IRA
  • Paid Leave - Vacation, Sick, Holiday, Military
  • Compensatory Time Off
  • Longevity Pay - annual payment of $65/year of service for FT and $32.50 for PT 
  • College Degree Incentive Pay - monthly payment of $50 for associate's, $100 for bachelor's, $150 for master's
  • Tuition Reimbursement - "A" - 90%, "B" - 80%, "C" - 70% of tuition reimbursed
  • Police Academy - Fees covered & wages paid at 100% while attending
  • GI Bill Qualified Training - Covers Police Academy & Field Training
  • Relocation Reimbursement - Up to $3,000 in moving expenses for full time hires if moving to the metro from 75 miles or more from Riverside

Full-time & Part-time positions available, non-exempt (hourly)

Key Responsibilities
  • Law enforcement activities in the protection of life and property by patrolling assigned areas and responding to calls for service
  • Conducting investigations of crimes, incidents, and traffic accidents
  • Patrolling by vehicle, ATV, motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot
  • Preparing a variety of reports and records, including cases for court
  • Participation in community-oriented activities
  • May receive special assignments to work in Criminal Investigations, Crime Scene Unit, or Accident Investigation Unit
  • Minimum 21 years of age (at time of appointment)
  • Height & weight in proportion
  • Possess a valid driver's license
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • High School Diploma or GED (post-secondary education is preferred but not required)
  • Must be able to work in adverse weather conditions
  • Must be willing and able to work rotating shifts, which include nights, weekends, holidays, and overtime assignments
Full-time: Pittman Schedule/12-hour rotating shifts with every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.
Part-time: Supplements full-time police personnel filling vacancies in the schedule and assigned to special events/assignments.

Pay Range
$31.25 - $44.51 per hour or $65,000 - $92,574 annually


Generally, preference is given to applicants who are currently certified by the Missouri POST Commission with a Class A MO Peace Officer License.  Applicants hired without a POST license will be sent to a department approved police academy, at the Department's expense.  *Possession of a Class A MO Peace Officer License by an applicant does not preclude the Department from sending the applicant to a department approved police academy at the Department's expense. 

Applicants who are hired prior to attending the academy will be eligible for full city benefits and compensated at 10% below the base minimum of the pay range until the academy is complete & they have attained their POST license.  Upon completion of the police academy, if mandated by the Department, the applicant will be assigned to the Field Training Program for a period of 14 weeks.  Upon successful completion of the FTO program, the applicant will be assigned to a regular shift within the department.

Selection Guidelines
Formal application, rating of education and experience, appropriate civil service testing, including written and physical agility test, oral interview, background check, polygraph, psychological examination, drug testing, medical exam, and final selection.

Testing Dates
The written exam and physical agility exam are held on an as needed basis. 

Disqualifying Factors
  • The commission of a crime classified as a a felony under Missouri Statute regardless of conviction status
  • Non-felony crimes and incidents involving moral turpitude may be a disqualifying factor but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
  • Excessive traffic tickets
  • Conviction of a Domestic Violence related crime or the respondent of an active full order of protection
  • Sale, distribution, supplying of narcotics (to include prescription drugs)
  • Deceit or otherwise lying in an official police investigation or administrative inquiry
  • Use or possession of any controlled substance within the last five years (Where the use or possession of that controlled substance in itself would be classified a felony under Missouri Statute)
  • Any illegal use of a controlled substance in the past two years (to include prescription drugs)
If selected to move forward in the hiring process, you will be asked to upload the following documents:
  • Copy of your transcripts from highest level of education
  • Copy of your police related training certificates
  • Copy of your military DD-214
Physical Testing

Physical Ability - A passing score of 80% on the physical ability test is mandatory. Applicants failing to meet the minimum standards for the PT Test will be eliminated from any further processing.

Removal of Disabled Vehicle
Candidate will demonstrate their ability to push a simulated stalled or wrecked vehicle off the traveled portion of the roadway. Candidate will begin at the starting line in a standing position. When the evaluator states, “Go”, the candidate will move to the rear of the vehicle and then push the vehicle to a distance of thirty (30) feet in any manner the candidate desires.  Candidate should complete this evaluation in twenty (20) seconds.

Rescue Simulation
Candidate will remove a simulated injured person from a hazardous situation.  Candidate will begin at the starting line in a standing position. When the evaluator states, “Go”, the candidate will sprint fifty (50) feet, grasp the shoulder area of the rescue mannequin and drag the mannequin back to the starting line. Candidate should complete this event within thirty (30) seconds. 

Obstacle Course
Candidate will begin at the starting line in a standing position. When the evaluator states, “Go”, the candidate will run ten (10) yards and hurdle or climb over a four (4) foot barrier.  The candidate will continue running approximately ten (10) yards and go to the right of the first cone and then to the left of the second cone until all cones have been passed (creating a figure eight (8) pattern).  The candidate will come to a complete stop at the fifty (50) yard line and turn around; figure eight (8) back through the cones; clear the four (4) foot barrier and run to the starting line. Candidate should complete this evaluation in thirty-five (35) seconds. 

1.0 Mile Walk/Run
Candidate will walk/run for a distance of (1) mile.  The candidate’s run/walk must be completed within

  • 10.00 minutes and under               25 points
  • 10.00-12.30 minutes                       15 points
  • 12.30-14.30 minutes                         5 points    

Written Test
An aggregate score of 80% is the minimum acceptable score for the written test. Any individual score below 70% for each section of the four-part written test will be considered below minimum standards - applicants failing to meet the minimum standards for the written test will be eliminated from any further processing.

25 ATV

If you feel the calling to join a profession where dedication, honor, pride, integrity, and professionalism are held in high regard, then we encourage you to apply with our department.

Please visit our Career Opportunities page to view current job postings and apply online.  You can check out our Employment Information page to learn more about what it is like to work here. 

For additional employment inquiries or to schedule a ride along, contact the Riverside Police Department Recruiting Unit at 816-372-9153.

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