Patrol Division 

CC5The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible division within the police department providing the majority of policing services to the public. The Patrol Division provides highly trained and qualified officers patrolling the city 24 hours every day, 7 days a week and 365 days each year. 

The primary mission of the Patrol Division is responding to all non-emergency community calls for service, emergency 911 calls for service, crime prevention-community policing, proactive patrol, traffic enforcement activities and responding to serious medical emergencies. 


Riverside police officers can be seen in fully marked police cars, ATV’s or on a motorcycle.  Officers are highly visible in the residential and business areas of the city along with the city, state and federal roadways.  

The Patrol Division consists of four squads each having a sergeant, corporal and three officers.  This twenty-person unit is overseen by the Patrol Division Captain. 



Special Operations

SWAT 2018The Riverside Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) consists of members of the police division and medics from the Riverside Fire Department.  SWAT officers are selected through a vigorous testing process then receive extensive specialized training to include tactics, specialty tools and equipment utilized during SWAT operations.  SWAT responds to several types of incidents such as hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, serving high-risk search warrants and high-risk arrest warrants.  It is the goal of the Riverside SWAT Team to bring each unique situation to a peaceful and safe conclusion.

Riverside Police K-9 Unit


Riverside Police K-9 Unit was established in 2006 with the implementation of one team to include a dual purpose (patrol/narcotic) K-9.  Currently, the Riverside Police Department’s K-9 Unit consists of one dual purpose K-9 named Furco, who is a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois from the Country of Belarus. His handler, Officer Madison Crowdes, has been with the Riverside Police Department since 2017 and together, they currently work the day shift in Riverside. 

This team is available to assist other local law enforcement agencies upon request when they require K-9 services.  Furco is trained to detect the scents of methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine in vehicles, buildings or open spaces and is trained in the detection and tracking of people suspected of committing felony crimes or lost and/or missing persons.   

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
CIT is a first responder model designed to improve officer and consumer safety, and to redirect individuals living with mental illness from the judicial system to the health care system.  CIT creates a community link between law enforcement and local mental health service providers/advocates and connections between law enforcement and 
mental health services in their community.  Law enforcement interacts with the mentally ill often; however, do not play the role of clinician or diagnosing a person, but become a resource for someone in a mental health crisis.

Riverside police officers attend a 40-hour basic CIT training on mental health illnesses and de-escalation strategies in an effort to create connections between law enforcement and mental health services in their community.  What does CIT mean for Riverside?

 - Improved officer perceptions regarding consumers

 - Decrease the need for higher levels of police intervention and force 

 - Decrease officer injuries

 - Re-direct those in crisis from the criminal justice system to the health care system

  - Instills confidence in the community regarding officer abilities

 - Unites law enforcement and mental health resources