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Riverside Police Department 2990 NW Vivion Road Riverside, Missouri 64150

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Riverside Police Department

The Riverside Police Department exists for the purpose of protecting life and preserving property with impartiality, for the citizens and visitors of the Riverside community.
The Department will act, without hesitation, to preserve and enforce the Constitution of the United States of America, the State of Missouri and ordinances of the City of Riverside.


Police Department Overview

The Riverside Police Dep92 1 2artment provides comprehensive law enforcement services to a suburban community
located northwest of downtown Kansas City, Missouri in southern Platte County. In addition to providing services to residential and commercial areas, Riverside also has a riverboat casino and hotel complex, a large high school, twelve apartment complexes, and several large business districts.  The Department strives to promote a team atmosphere among our employees and provide them with state of the art training and equipment as to provide quality policing services to the citizens and visitors of our city.

We are committed to providing excellent police service by means of community interaction, teamwork, integrity and transparency. 

The Riverside Police Department responds to over 11,000 community and self-initiated calls for service each year.  

The Department has twenty-nine full-time police officer positions, three reserve officer positions and ten communication positions authorized by the Riverside Board of Aldermen. 

The Department consists of the following:

  • Chief of Police
  • Administrative Division Captain
  • Patrol Division Captain
  • Detective Sergeant
  • Three Detectives  
  • Four Patrol Sergeants 
  • Four Patrol Corporals  
  • Twelve Patrol Officers
  • One Canine Officer  
  • One School Resource Officer  
  • Three Reserve Police Officers 
  • Ten Communication Personnel 
The law enforcement role of the Department lies within two divisions: Patrol and Administration.

  • The Patrol Division consists of four squads assigned to road patrol duties, K-9 and SWAT. 
  • The Administrative Division comprises the Office of the Chief, Criminal Investigations, Crime Scene Investigations, Property Room, a state of the art Communications Unit and Records Unit.

The Department maintains an intensive in-house training program that provides the basis for the following specialized units:

  • Training
    • Legal Updates 
    • Use of Force
    • Crisis Intervention 
    • De-Escalation 
  • 25 DSC_8405Tactical Response
    • SWAT
    • Hostage Negotiations
  • Drug Enforcement
    • K-9 
    • Drug Recognition
  • Community Outreach Programs
    • School Resource Officer
    • Crimefree Unit
  • Investigations
    • Detective Unit
    • Crime Scene Investigation 
  • Traffic
    • Motorcycle
    • ATV
    • Accident Reconstruction