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rsmo2010_362Riverside continues to build a trail system that connects the entire community and links with Platte County, Kansas City and Parkville trails.
EH Young Riverfront Park Trails - 1.35 miles including the Riverwalk and two loop trails.

Interurban Trail - 
0.5 mile trail from the cul-de-sac of NW St. Joe Blvd to NW Woodland Dr where it connects to the Linear Trail.  The Interurban Trail is along the route of the old Interurban rail line and features the original bridge as well as historical signs.

Jumping Branch Trail - 
0.5 miles along Jumping Branch Creek from NW 50th Street to Renner Brenner Park and the Line Creek Trail.

Line Creek Trail - 
3.0 miles from  EH Young Riverfront Park to where it crosses under I-29 into Kansas City.  From the Kansas City limits, the trail goes north to Hwy 152 where it connects with the 152 trail. The Line Creek Trail also connects directly to the Missouri Riverfront Trail at Argosy Casino Parkway. 

Linear Trail -
0.9 mile trail (within city limits) that runs along NW Platte Dr and takes you to an up-close view of the stunning Riverside Waterfall.  It continues past city limits to Briarcliff.

Missouri Riverfront Trail -
5.0 mile trail that runs from EH Young Riverfront Park to the English Landing Park in Parkville. A portion of the trail is along the Levee top.

Northwood Road Trail - 1.0 mile long trail that runs from 9 Highway to 52nd Street.  It will soon continue past city limits to Prairie View Road.

Renner Brenner Park Trail - 0.2 mile trail located in Renner Brenner Park.
Coming Soon:Vivion Rd Trail -  Plans are underway to continue this trail from it's intersection with the Interurban trail east to Mulberry Drive in Kansas City.  This new section will be approximately 1.0 mile long.

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Supporting Documents