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Fire Chief Gordon Fowlston


img_3209Riverside Fire Department serves the City of Riverside as well as the City's of Houston Lake & Northmoor. Riverside Fire provides both fire protection services and EMS first response.

In July 2008, Riverside made the transition from a traditional Public Safety Department, where personnel were dual-trained to provide both police and fire services, to an organization with two distinct departments in both fire and law enforcement. The long-term intent of this goal is to have two highly trained and skilled forces to better serve the Riverside community and surrounding areas. In March 2017, the Public Safety Department separated to Fire and Police stand alone departments.

Riverside Fire annually responds to more than 1,300 calls within our jurisdiction, including fires, EMS, and other incidents.

The Fire Department also works with other City departments during the building and plan review process, and provides prevention and education services.