Fire Marshal Prevention & Education

dsc_0397The Riverside Fire Division is responsible for providing fire prevention and education services throughout the community.  This includes not only teaching programs but also conducting plan reviews on construction projects, conducting annual property inspections, and investigating fires that occur.

Public education coordination and delivery is the largest component of this division.  The Fire Division offers a variety of programs, including: tours of the Fire Station, on-side demonstration, presentations to groups, and smoke detector installations.

The fire and life safety inspections of all businesses, churches, and schools are the second largest responsibility and are done on an different rotations, with target hazards–those with an identified high fire hazard or large occupant safety concern–inspected every year. Violations to fire and life safety concerns are noted and the owner is required to make corrections necessary to comply with applicable fire codes.

If you are interested in learning more about fire safety and prevention, our public education programs, or want to schedule a station tour, you may contact Riverside Fire at 372-9211 or email us at

Division Components:

  • Public Education
  • Fire Inspections
  • Building Construction Inspections
  • Fire Investigations