Fire & EMS Operations

Fire Operations

We pride ourselves with being able to provide service and care to the citizens in our community. Our job is wide ranging and continuing to grow as our world advances; and as much as we'd love to explain every facet of it, there wouldn't be enough room on this page. To keep it simple we've broken down our job into three main areas: fire, rescue, and EMS. For more details on what each of those entail click here to be taken to learn about our fire and rescue operations; and here to learn about our cutting-edge EMS care. 

Lastly, for general knowledge we felt that it was important for the public to have an understanding to how our department is structured and run as a whole. This is how our department is set up and operates; from the administrative (Chief officer positions) down the line personnel (referred to as A, B, and C shift). Not every fire department will be set up this way, while there may be similar rank structure and positions, this can vary greatly depending on a multitude of factors that are determined based on the unique function and needs of not only the city itself, but the citizens it serves.

Staffing and Rank Structure