Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are employed by the Riverside Fire Department?
When fully staffed there are 35 employees in the Riverside Fire Department.  This includes 12 fulltime Firefighters, multiple part time firefighters (EMT and Paramedic) , 2 Assistant Fire Chiefs and a Fire Chief.
How many firefighters are on duty every day?
We have a goal 5 firefighters on duty for each 24-hour period, with no less than 3. Our crews work 48 hours on-duty and 96 hours off-duty. There are additional personnel on duty in leadership and administrative roles during normal business hours 0700-1700.
How many fire stations does Riverside have?

Riverside has one fire station staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is located at  2990 NW Vivion Road Riverside MO 64150

Why did another fire department respond to my house or place of employment?
The Riverside Fire Department participates in mutual aid agreements with many of the surrounding communities. This enables local fire departments to help each other out when one is busy with other calls or needs more resources then they currently have available.
Why did the ambulance that responded to my house or place of employment have KCFD or AMR on the side?
The Riverside Fire Department contracts with the Kansas City Missouri Fire Department (KCFD) for ambulances within the City of Riverside. 
If you live in Houston Lake or Northmoor, you are within the boundaries of the Southern Platte Ambulance district and they contract with American Medical Response (AMR) for their ambulances.
Can I have a recreational fire in my back yard?
  • Yes, as long as it is contained to a commercially built outdoor fireplace/pit designed to prevent the spread of flames. These shall not be bigger than 36 inches wide.
  • These are permitted on privately owned one or two family dwellings for pleasure, cooking, warmth, or similar purposes.
  • Outdoor fireplaces/pits shall not be operated on or within fifteen (15) feet of combustible materials, decks or patios.
  • They shall not be used for burning trash, yard waste (other than small tree branches cut to fit inside), rubbish or similar waste.
  • They shall be supervised at all times, have some type of extinguishing agent (garden hose, etc) close at hand.
By following these things you will be able to have a proper recreational fire.
Please contact Fire Marshal Keith Payne at (816) 372-9211 or by email at 
kpayne@riversidemo.com for any questions.
Does the Riverside Fire Department provide both fire and emergency medical response?
Yes, the fire department responds to all fire, rescue, and emergency medical incidents in the city.

We also have mutual aid agreements with Kansas City Missouri Fire Department, North Kansas City, South Platte and Gladstone,  where they respond in our community and we respond in their community when requested.
What type of medical training do the firefighters have?
We maintain a minimum level of one (1) Missouri Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMTP) on duty at all times.

We have a mixture of Missouri EMT Basics and Paramedics. Our minimum level of training for our personal is Missouri Emergency Medical Technician Basic.
Can I bring my family or small group in for a tour of a fire station?
Absolutely, we welcome visitors. If possible, we ask that you schedule your visit in advance by contacting our on duty crew at 816-372-9024.