Department Apparatus

Our Apparatus Fleet

The City of Riverside Fire Department prides itself on being able to provide our citizens with trucks (or in our line of work is referred to as "apparatus") that are built best to serve the unique needs of our response area. Our trucks include equipment that can be considered "cutting edge" in the fire service today and includes: thermal imaging cameras, hydraulic cutters/spreaders (known better as the "Jaws of Life"), and hand held monitors that specifically detect deadly carbon monoxide and natural gas. 

Pumper 1 Apparatus

Frontline Pumper

 *2010 Pierce Rescue Pumper. This includes a 1500 gallons per minute (GPM) pump with a 1000 gallon tank. This truck is what our crews primarily use to respond to any calls in the district whether they be fire, rescue, or EMS in nature. 

Quint 1

Aerial Ladder

 *2000 HME Fire Master 75 foot Quint. This includes a  1500 GPM pump  with a 300 gal tank. This truck is primarily used as a back up when our Rescue Pumper is out of service. It also is able to respond to any fire, rescue, or EMS call; but provides a key additional feature in that it has a 75 foot ladder that can be extended to reach higher levels of elevation especially on taller buildings. 

Rescue 1
*2020 Dodge Rescue Utility vehicle. This includes a newer technology called Ultra High Pressure Pump; this pump is capable of producing a very powerful water stream at 1,400 PSI. It also holds more of our specialized equipment relating to vehicle extrication, rope rescue, and water/ice rescue gear.  This vehicle is much more maneuverable due to it being smaller and weighing significantly less than our larger trucks. 

*Polaris Ranger UTV. This is used for medical response during some of our special events and used if there is a person(s) injured in an area of our district that is inaccessible or a longer distance from places that are inaccessible to our larger trucks due to their size and weight. 

boatRescue Boat
*Our Rescue Boat is used for rescues of person(s) whom are stranded or trapped in large bodies of water. We primarily use this Houston Lake and on the stretch of Missouri River adjacent to our city.