Car Seat Installation

Seatbelts Save Lives

The safety of infants and toddlers is paramount when it comes to transporting them safely in a vehicle. No matter how far you're traveling having the peace of mind your cherished little one is securely fastened in an appropriately sized car seat is extremely important. The Riverside Fire Department is fortunate enough to be partnered with the Platte County Health departments "Buckle Up Kids" Car seat program. We have car seat technicians on our staff that are trained in the proper way car seats should be fastened within a vehicle and can answer any questions you may have about the safety of your little ones. We do offer free car seat checks, but ask that you call ahead first to set up an appointment. 

For more information please click HERE to be taken to the Platte County Health departments website. This can provide even more information about car seat safety and how one can be installed for you by our certified technicians.