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Finance Director Erika Benitez                                                                              EMAIL - ebenitez@riversidemo,gov


clocktwr_fall09No Riverside City TaxesA tremendous benefit to the residents of Riverside is City Hall's commitment to no new residential taxes, including no residential real estate taxes, no residential personal property taxes and no City earning taxes. This remains the same as when the Riverside founders made that promise in 1951.

No city tax includes:

  • No residential real estate tax
  • No residential personal property tax
  • No City earnings tax

So how is City infrastructure funded?

The city is committed to its strategic plan to use riverboat revenues as the economic engine to make long-term infrastructure improvements for the City, its residents and businesses.

What taxes do I pay?

Of course, like all citizens who enjoy the prosperity of our country and the benefits that are awarded us, everyone pays county, state and federal taxes. These taxes include school, library, road, mental health and more.
5-Year Budget OutlookAs Riverside grows and thrives, budgeting and forecasting becomes an even more important component of managing our city. To assist with planning, a 5-year budget outlook has been produced.

This 5 Year Outlook forecasts the growth of revenues to be collected by the City. From this estimate of revenues, the City is able to determine the total amount of funds available for operating, equipment and capital improvement expenditures. Projects are then budgeted, based upon their priority and the availability of funds.
Use of Gaming RevenueIn 1994 the Argosy Casino opened in the City of Riverside. The current "Use of Gaming Revenue" document lists the projects that have been funded from Argosy Gaming Revenue received by the City of Riverside.

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