Comprehensive Master Plan

rsmo2010_205Real progress takes a vision, hard work and determination.  In 2006, Riverside residents, businesses and other community stakeholders helped draft a Comprehensive Master Plan for the City.  It was designed to establish a vision and serve as a guide for moving forward.  By 2010, more than half of the Plan's goals were complete - prompting the community to think even bigger.  To keep the momentum going, a Plan update was created in 2010 that focuses on three major areas:  downtown, Horizons, and sustainability. 
GOALS AND ACHIEVEMENTSBelow are just a handful of the successes that have come out of the Master Plan objectives.

  • Create a sense of place downtown:  Welcome Plaza including a clock tower and Riverside signage is the first of many improvements 
  • Build gateways for entering the community:  Signage, fountains, trails, green space and a waterfall have been constructed at Riverway Blvd and West Platte Road. 
  • Provide more jobs and create a strong business environment:  Executed the Horizons development project bringing more than 1,000 jobs to Riverside; implemented a business retention program; made a commitment to speed and efficiency for City approvals. 
  • Improve walkability: Built sidewalks and trails along West Platte Road, Vivion Road and Northwood Road.  Walkability is factored into all new development.
  • Create natural connections throughout the City:  Continued development of a trail network and adopted codes to protect streams and natural areas; expanded the Line Creek Trail from Kansas City entirely through Riverside to the Missouri River.