Liquor Licenses

The two main requirements to apply for a Liquor License in the City of Riverside are availability and location. Several other requirements also exist and can be found in the City Municipal Codes, (keyword "Alcohol") or by calling the City Clerk at 816-741-3993.

Liquor Licenses

Are there various types of liquor licenses?
Yes. There are three types of licenses. The first is a permanent license as described above and the second is a "Temporary Catering License".

A Temporary Catering License authorizes a qualifying applicant to sell liquor by the drink at an establishment or location which is not otherwise licensed for such sales and at which alcohol is not normally served. The applicant must already be licensed to sell liquor by the drink by the State of Missouri and, with limited exception, by Riverside or another Missouri municipality.

The third type of application for a Liquor License is a "Temporary License for Not-For-Profit". The requirements for this can be found on in "City Municipal Codes", Chapter 600 or by calling the City Clerk at 816-74-3993. For this type of license, a completed "Business/NotForProfit" license form is required.
Who do I contact to start the liquor licensing process?
The type of license requested will determine the process for licensing. In all cases the City Clerk should be contacted to start the licensing process.

At the present time, all Liquor License requests require a background check. Public Safety will review the application and if approved by them, the application will then go to the Board of Aldermen for review.
What are the licensing fees?

The licensing fees can be found in the "City Municipal Codes", chapter 600. Fees for a liquor license range from $15.00 for a Temporary Catering License to $750.00 for a Wholesale and Distributor's License.